One Year Vacation
Who needs one? I do! Click if you do too!

Henry Kong needs a one year vacation... to pursue his childhood dreams of being a superhero, to create art that is awesome, to do photography where anything goes, and finally to get around making his long overdue comic book.

Past stuff


Cincinnati Various Adventures

So I haven't been writing as much as I should.  Part of the reason is laziness and part is busyness.  I got some time now to dump all of the past couple of months activities into this post.  Sometime last June, I got a chance to join other young *cough* folks to paddle down Little Miami River.  Despite various run-ins with trees along the bank, it was so much fun.  Made some new friends too.




Fourth of July gave me a holiday to rest and recover.  Woohoo and fireworks!

Also, a couple of weekends ago, I went to the awesome Air Force Museum in Dayton which was pretty awesome. The museum was humongous. There were a lot of planes on display. Despite having the whole day, we weren't able to see everything yet. The presidential planes and the experimental ones had limited capacity to which we weren't able to get in the sign-ups.  I'm gonna try to come back again soon.



Finally,  I was also able to see the Newport Aquarium.  Lots of fishes and marine life.  Sharks too which were my favorite.  Was pretty impressed with the exhibit.