One Year Vacation
Who needs one? I do! Click if you do too!

Henry Kong needs a one year vacation... to pursue his childhood dreams of being a superhero, to create art that is awesome, to do photography where anything goes, and finally to get around making his long overdue comic book.

Past stuff


An Unsent Message

"I am ok and very much happy with my life. I suggest instead of judging other people you look at yourself first. You keep asking all these questions not really because you want answers but because you want me to respond in a certain way so you can get what you want.  If you don't get the reply or action you want, you judge.  You already have built a "reality" in your head and perceive the world according to that reality. You don't listen to anyone. You don't accept what people tell you and / or choose to not listen or conclude the other person is wrong or arrogant or whatever because they have seen through you and have chosen not to play along.  It is useless to explain this since you will never listen anyway.  Rather than waste my time, I'd rather spend it on people and things that make me happy."