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Henry Kong needs a one year vacation... to pursue his childhood dreams of being a superhero, to create art that is awesome, to do photography where anything goes, and finally to get around making his long overdue comic book.

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Review: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

So I decided to finally get a GoPro when they released the Hero 4 Silver which had a built-in LCD screen.  I know, I know.  I jumped the bandwagon.  But I wanted one not to take selfies like most people I know are using 'em for but as a second action / POV camera to complement my Contour HD that I use for motorcycle riding.  I was supposed to use both on my planned skydiving activity in Cinci but I learned that they don't allow skydivers to bring / use their own equipment for safety reasons.  Bummer!


So I got mine from REI cause Amazon was out of stock.  The packaging is pretty good and reminded me of the Contour.  I wonder who copied from who.  I also wonder how the GoPro got its edge.  I think Contour was more popular for the military crowd as the Contour was designed more for mounting on guns or helmets vs. the Contour which made you look like an idiot.


I also got the blackout housing, tripod mount and a Sony action pole.


The GoPro did not come with the remote like previous models and also did not even come with a charger.


Opening the box, the GoPro was built pretty nice.  It felt solid and of good quality.  The buttons were tactile and you can certainly find them even when wearing gloves.  A complaint though is that they don't feel intuitive to me.  Turning the Go Pro on and off required a long press and I would have wanted that the long press activated the switch but instead I still need to take my finger off the button before it would engage.  That means that I need to decide when I would take my finger off the button and I usually take longer cause any earlier and sometimes GoPro wouldn't think its a long press.  It's a minor gripe but I like how long presses were implemented for both the Sony RX and Canon G cameras.


The backdoor is interchangeable.  I put the touchscreen back door which had a flexible touch compatible plastic that was as hard to press as a spring.


The GoPro also had some mounts included.


Overall, it was built tough and pretty good.  I did not like however that it was a chore to charge.  Not only was there the matter of opening the hard case and taking out the cam but also the small charging port door at the side.  What was more efficient for users to just carry spare batteries and invest in an external charger which could be their marketing strategy too.


Other that those gripes, the GoPro worked fine and the video quality was pretty good.  I liked that it has this SuperView which was a greater field of vision option that you can use to get more into the shot.  The Hero 4 also had 60 fps for 1080 which I can use for slow mo shots.  Overall a good investment and hopefully I get to use soon on adventures alongside my Contour.